Thursday, April 9, 2015

Official List of 25 Omer Pasha Films

Omer Pasha currently has released 250 songs in 3 Volumes  of music albums on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Sony Entertainment and Xbox Music.

1.       Omer Pasha Music
2.       Omer Pasha Music Volume 2
3.       Omer Pasha Music (A Canadian Tribute)

A great deal of Omer Pasha Music  Videos are a tribute to the Fratmen from Fratpad based in Arizona, The Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the night life of Vancouver, BC.

Official List of 25 Omer Pasha Films :

Official List of 25 Omer Pasha Films :

1.       The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned) Musical
2.       The Soul of Cole (Musical)
3.       Omer Pasha Trance Mixes (TV2 Edition)
4.       The Cal Crew : Sequel and Las Vegas Club Nights
5.       Blue Sapphire Jazz Nights (Jazz Instrumental Edition)
6.       The Cursed Riddles of California
7.       California Midnight Movies
8.       California Midnight Women
9.       Omer Pasha Music Videos (American Television Edition)
10.   Red Dreams
11.   Christ Premonitions
12.   Kobra
13.   Christ is Coming
14.   Men’s Glamour Photoshoots
15.   Fratpad Fratmen Ultimate Tribute
16.   The Soul of Cole (Canadian Edition)
17.   Music Videos About Alaska
18.   Music Videos About Arizona
19.   Music Videos About California
20.   Music Videos About Florida
21.   Music Videos About Vancouver
22.   Come To Me (USA Mega Saga Edition)
23.   The New World Order : Art Thriller Christ Rituals
24.   The Hidden Messages of World War 3 (Musical)
25.   Barham Boulevard (Musical)

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