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Omer Pasha Music Volume 2 COMING SOON

New edition 100 songs. New Album . Releasing on iTunes, Sony, Spotify, Amazon.. in process... Coming soon, Release via UK.

Ryan Kesler Kollage Anaheim Ducks and Vancouver Canucks

Ryan Kesler. I guess im a Kesler fan. i am one.  i became one in 2011. oh boy all the hell from the Stanley Cup in Vancouver and how we lost it. so decided i will always support the Canucks and Kesler. I like hockey in general. But now hes part of a new team Anaheim Ducks. i attended my first nhl game in Dec 2014. im confused because i support the Canucks. its weird that Kesler is part of another team. I need to explore more NHL teams.  its so much fun attending a hockey game.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Soul of Cole {Musical} (Canadian Edition)

The Soul of Cole {Musical} (Canadian Edition)

The Soul of Cole (Canadian Edition) Musical is originally derived from the original The Soul of Cole Double Feature Musical.  I am writing this in first person. I deliberately did not work hard on this musical.  This is the Canadian edition. The footage for this edition has been taken from The Soul of Cole Musical, The Cal Crew Caucasian Love Returned, The Cursed Riddles of California, Blue Sapphire Jazz Nights and Omer Pasha Trances Mixes TV 2 Edition. And indeed a few from personal  sex tapes.  I wear a set of lights on my body to show this celebration as the footage plays in the back.  The Soul of Cole original has won an award in San Diego,  award of merit at the San Diego Indie Film Awards Festival.

This Canadian Edition has been completed on December 15, 2014. This has been filmed from 2011 to 2014. It is the memorable edition from all of the Omer Pasha Music Videos.  What is memorable about it is that all cast is from Vancouver, BC which is the nucleus of all my productions. Everyone in all my music videos is from Canada. Filming in Surrey , West Vancouver , Vancouver and North Vancouver has been rather patriotic . Canadian models and actors actresses are beautiful and glamorous in this film. This is the last  glimpse of the footage of models as it will no longer be used in my future productions since it has been fully exploited.

American Themes:

The content as lyrics of the songs are based wholly on the United States of America. The tone again is patriotic as a celebration of the USA and the people there. The 9 editions of the songs are based on Fratmen from Fratpad as tribute to their greatness. This is the last compilation of songs about the Fratmen of Arizona. The theme of the musical is mainly based on Arizona but it adds alot of other States such as Florida, Wisconsin, California , Arkansas and New York. Basically the other States are the home origins of Fratmen who used to work at the Fratpad in the past, in Arizona. The songs are a dedication to them in times gone by and memories that remain.  The inspiration began in November 2010 when I first joined Fratpad in Arizona which was called Cyberspace by the Fratmen as a code word. Well the Fratpad is still there but with different people. The legends are no longer there but a great deal of new comers who are also great.

For now original music videos of this Canadian edition are released in the compilation of
Omer Pasha Music Videos (Vancouver Gala Edition) which is released on Amazon DVD and is set for world wide release in 2015 in film festival around the world.

      The Soul of Cole (Canadian Edition) Musical

Bennie’s World (Canadian Edition)
Draculas (Canadian Edition)
Frathouse Activity (Canadian Edition)
Jeanie (Canadian Edition)
Max’s World (Canadian Edition)
Pain’s Nightmare (Canadian Edition)
Sitemail (Canadian Edition)
The Rise of Shay (Canadian Edition)
The Soul of Cole (Canadian Edition)

The Rise of Shay has been inspired by Madonna and her music video of Vogue. The song Sitemail is about Kelan. Max’s World is a song inspired by innocence and humbleness of Max, Dallas and Zeus the dog from Notmax. Bennie’s World was to glorify Bennie as a rockstar because there were too many hate comments about him when he was such a nice person.  Cole was a unique person, he was good at heart and passionate. Frathouse Activity was dedicated to Benji, Jace , Minnie Girl, Vince and Cole. All these editions are aswell called Canadian as the audio has been remixed differently with vocals and music. The songs at their  best and fullest. Jeanie is the song about year 2010 when I first joined Fratpad, it was  the Gene and Theo show and I had no idea what this website was and the show. The song has also been inspired by the Barbara Streisand song Duck Sauce, Katy Perry-Firework and Teenage Dream and Like a G6  by the Far East Movement.

In conclusion “The Soul of Cole (Musical) Canadian Edition” will be published in film festivals aswell in mid  2015 and the songs will be released on iTunes, Spotify and Sony Entertainment Networks under album “Omer Pasha Music 2” in a few weeks.

The main celebrity/music inspiration in these musicals and songs about the fratmen is Katy Perry, accidently. It happened. Because the love  and inspiration was fully there in the years 2010 to 2011. And in those years I personally had no music nor had I sung such songs but in those times Katy Perry had come out with those three songs Teenage Dream, California Gurls and Firework. And we, the fratmen, and I used to listen to those songs all the time, but just casually. And then when the good times ended, and we went into years like 2013 and 2014 , I could only remember those good times by those songs by Katy Perry. So in these songs about Arizona, Katy Perry is the most inspirational artist and that song G6 by The Far East Movement  aswell but never underestimate the inspiration of Madonna in the song about Florida. Her inspiration is rather too fierce and violent and takes the cake “Vogue” in Florida.  


Omer Pasha

Vancouver, BC

Monday, December 15, 2014

Omer Pasha Music Videos (Vancouver Gala Edition) 2015 World Wide Film Festivals Release.

Omer Pasha Music Videos (Vancouver Gala Edition) 2015 World Wide Film Festivals Release.
This compilation of Omer Pasha Music Videos has been released in 2014 on Amazon DVD USA. This is experimental musical film will be now published in film festivals worldwide in 2015. This is a DVD release compilation of 22 music videos, best of Omer Pasha Music Videos.  The audio album is already release on iTunes, Sony, Spotify and more than 30 audio channels.  All music and video productions have taken place in Vancouver, BC , Canada. All actors and actresses are Canadian.  This production has been in duration since 2010 to 2014. This compilation was officially qualified as Canadian content by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission CRTC on April 28, 2014. This compilation has 3 running times.

1 hr 30 min  (90 min)
2 hr 18 min  (138 min) (USA)
4  hrs  7 min (247 mins) (Canadian)

Omer Pasha is leading vocalist and singer takes you on an endless voyage of eccentric ecstasy of dance, animation, sexuality, religion, spirituality, fashion & vogue. “Omer Pasha Music Videos (Vancouver Gala Edition)” a 4 hour program of 40 music videos and has been  officially qualified as Canadian content. The USA DVD release is a compilation of 22 music videos. All formatted 16*9.

Omer Pasha Music Videos (Vancouver Gala Edition) explores multiples themes based on sex, religion, fashion, glamour, dance , music, cityscapes and fantasy life. A compilation of 40 video clips as Omer Pasha leading vocalist and singer takes you on an endless voyage of eccentric ecstasy of dance, animation, sexuality, religion, spirituality, crazy fun, fashion, vogue and all that you can expect to whatever that can be called the craziest fun of your entire life.
 Although principal photography of this  edition began in December 2009 in West Vancouver. The first music video of this edition “Who Are You (Glendale Blue Toys Club Mix)” was finished and produced in July 2010 and the last music video of this edition “Red Dreams (Official Music Video)” was filmed and produced in Surrey, in March 2014. The title/main track and main music video from “Omer Pasha Music Videos (Vancouver Gala Edition)” is “The Soul of Cole (Main Medley)” produced in 2013 with its debut premiere taking place at Vancouver Fanclub in May 2013 in Vancouver, BC. Some of the music videos have won an award of merit at the IndieFEST Film Awards in San Diego.

Omer Pasha Music Videos (Vancouver Gala Edition)

1. Vancouver Nights
2. The Curse Riddles (Burrard St)
3. Pain to Penelope Vancouver Edit
4. Loved
5. Pain’s Nightmare
6. Blue Sapphire Medley
7. The Cal Crew Caucasian Love Main Medley
8. Penthouse
9. Frathouse Activity
10. You Let it Come
11. The Curse Riddles Orange County
12. The Soul of Cole Main Medley
13. Jeanie Say Vassup
14. Leo’s Club
15. Who Are You (Glendale Rave Mix)
16. Who Are You Glendale Blue Toys
17. All The Padcams
18. The Rise of Shay Radio Mix 2
19. Hotel Lounge
20. Bennie’s World
21. The Curse Riddles Surrey Mix
22. The Rivers Medley 3 (Christ Premonitions)
Omer Pasha Music Videos are dedicated as a celebration of life to several states of the United States; California, Arizona, Arkansas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Chicago, Wisconsin, Florida, Alaska, Nevada, New York, Wyoming and Missouri. The lyrics of the songs and theme imagery of the music videos is made accordingly to each State.
All music videos are produced by Omer Pasha as lead singer. All actors and actresses are Canadian. All filming and productions have taken place in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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