Thursday, April 23, 2015

Maroon 5 Concert. Got so close to Mr. Adam Levine


“God damn my spinning head
Decisions that made my bed
Now I must lay in it
And deal with things I've left unsaid
I want to dive into you
Forget what you're going through
I get behind, make your move
Forget about the truth”

MAROON 5 CONCERT!!!! Yes !! yes!! The lyrics above happened in front of me! I got to see Adam Levine so upclose wow. I waited from 2004 , its 2015. So 11 years of wait! OMG . what a cute white boy. I am so happy I saw him sing “She Will Be Loved” Live!!! That fuckin album “Songs About Jane” is in my blood! Im so happy that I got to see him. I swear but when he sang “Makes Me Wonder” butterflies in my tummy. Honestly then the other story; the first time I started listening to this was in Toronto in 2004; “This Love” but but but it was 2004 when I first ever visited the USA, and the music video of “She Will Be Loved” was kinda new and I was so excited. It used to come everyday in Dallas and I had the worst tv cable reception and I was madly in love with this song and video!! Ahhh! I swear its never too late and then 11 years later , there I got to see Adam sing it live right in front of me. Its just to too much digest.

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