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"Film Festival Shorts" Now Released

"Film Festival Shorts" Now Released 





Film Festival Shorts

“Film Festival Shorts” is a compilation film of shorts screened at film festivals in USA, Canada and France. These are excerpts from shorts and music videos released in film festivals and gala events between year 2005 to 2013 and remixed re-editions of the same films made from 2014 to 2015. These films have been released in film festivals in Miami, Los Angeles, New York USA, Vancouver, BC , Canada and Cannes, Paris France. All footage of premieres and parties of these shorts is released in a separate film/documentary called “Omer Pasha World Premieres.”

The films cover all themes of action, adventure, reality, love, dance, glamour, music, fashion, religion, spirituality, dance, horror and comedy. These films were released at film festivals, night clubs, after parties, cock tail parties, fashion shows, gala evening events and private disco parties in Manhattan New York City, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Cannes France and Vancouver BC Canada between the years 2005 to 2013.

Numerous storylines follow , a young boy is cursed by an evil witch in his love life. Two girls taken away from him in a ferocious curse by a supernatural witch. He has to break the curse with the power of spirituality. The curse of the evil witch spreads all over to California. The spells and curses take over Glendale, Sacramento , Hollywood, Santa Monica, San Diego and Santa Barbara. The boy breaks the curse of the evil witch and realizes the witch had her own sorrows too, thus he saves her too. All curses are broken. Sexy , luscious and seductive men and women hover over Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, San Diego, Santa Monica, Sacramento, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Melrose Avenue, LAX Airport and Ivar Street in Los Angeles turning entire California into a 'flooding' night club frenzy of dance and love. Music videos and shorts change into the art of the second coming of Christ and the emergence of the anti christ, basically the ends of times. It symbolizes with the airplanes and explosions that there will be wars around that time the anti christ will emerge. The parades in the film of various armies symbolize the parade of the anti christ , and how he will emerge. Also the calling of dead spirits back to the world is beautiful. Musicals depict romance, tea lights, candles, nightlife, narration of love with beautiful men and women. Music videos are based on Arizona, Florida, California, Toronto and Vancouver, BC as a celebration of reality fashion style and parties.

Director: Omer Pasha
Music: Omer Pasha
Editor: Omer Pasha
Producer: Omer Pasha

All Rights Reserved

Made in Canada




 Its not a joke. God will choose for the ones to see and for the ones He will purposely make not see. ‘Calling The Dead’ it is not offensive to invoke the dead non-stop because it is they who are mind numbingly shriekingly desperate to make contact with any living, especially if they have left untimely and accidently. In the name of Elisha, Elijah, St. Peter and Christ the power combined, the dead are able to talk to the living and bond. The evening sunset that comes in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles the dead are fully alive. This genre of film is non-fiction reality tv. The music videos are based on true events and the ritual that follows at the end of this musical is real and authentic. To keep ‘True Faith’ in the entire State of California that yes they will come and they come. It is the dead. The most frightening experience filled with love and emotion. “Calling The Dead” is taken from “Barham Boulevard The Musical.” It is that endless and repetitive journey in loop to break the barrier of this world and the next and it breaks... The point to dance is celebration of communication . Rituals at a grave and cemetery and a film about it is not offensive and disrespectful to the dead when they themselves are so demandingly desperate for communication with any living kind as they left the world untimely without saying goodbye to loved ones. But who of the living will believe that someone is seeing the dead and talking to them non-stop. It is not an hallucination, or a madness, it is real and the incident between Christ and Lazarus is real and the verses shall be recited on graves for the dead to make contact with the living. It is all done in very casual stance as God wants it.
To take a bus from Colorado Street, Glendale to North Hollywood Station and wait for the 757 Clarita.. to see all the normal people normally returning from their work places, heading out, heading home, ordinary quarreling on seating, bus conductor checking fares, people with their groceries.. Nobody has a clue that someone is sitting in their presence who is fully heading towards either Hollywood Hills or Clarita to do a full throttle ritual of calling the dead.. it is the word of God, deadly and the dead respond, with desperation and curiosity with the will of God. Even the ones who believe in God will not believe you till they see it. One of the greatest fiascos of this world that even the other dead people have forgotten their transitions to Shaydon’s drama and departure. In all of California it is all over the news and everywhere a frenzy and in all the dead world the dead are in a awe and deeply silent in this shock to what Shaydon went through and is going through. Who else is a witness of the living?


Music Videos About Florida

A short film compilation of music videos that tributes to the cities of Miami and Tampa. A mixture and blend of  themes  and elements of dance, fashion, style, love, beauty, glamour and cityscapes combined together in a blend of music and video form.  Comic and funny aspects also cater to the film.  The music videos in this short are taken from  “The Soul of Cole (Musical)” ,“The Cal Crew (Sequel and Las Vegas Club Nights)”  and “Omer Pasha Trance Mixes (TV 2 Edition).”  The title song “The Rise Of Shay in Florida” is based on reality , a tribute to a model that had  a breakthrough in the fashion industry of Miami. The music videos empower you and the dance element focuses on Voguing.  Numerous costume and wardrobe changes in the music videos add the element of various trendy fashion styles. For clubs, casual wear, and crazy fun of the streets of  Miami. One of the most noteable inspiration for this film is Madonna and her music video for Vogue. Models and actors in this film mimic some aspects of “Strike A Pose”  and to Vogue on Miami Beach is something very fresh and resurrects those old times of the 1990s.

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