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Barham Boulevard (Musical) {Official Booklet Synopsis}

Barham Boulevard (Musical) {Official Booklet Synopsis}

Barham Boulevard (Musical) Part 1

This musical explores the theme of calling the dead and celebrating communication with the deceased. The musical invokes the miracles performed by Christ, Peter, Elijah and Elisha of bringing the dead to live. A dance of trance is included in the parts of the film as a symbol of celebration of communication with the dead and the dead be able to talk to the living. The setting of the musical is California. Omer Pasha as leading actor dances away in the cities of California telling his tale of his communication with dead spirits.

It is simply about the calling of dead, the awakening of dead spirits, communication where all the dead reside, the forms of the way dead visit you, cemeteries and mortuaries. And lastly not to discriminate the dead that they are “dead” but simply alive in a different world. Ofcourse majority of people in this world will not believe in spirits and the fact there is a dead world where spirits go and reside and wait for resurrection. The music videos stress communication with the dead in not an illusion not an imagination and only God’s chosen people are witness to this experience.
Barham Boulevard (Musical) Part 2

The second part of this musical/music video collection theme continues with the same theme of calling the dead celebrating communication with the deceased. Photos of miracles performed by Christ, Peter, Elijah and Elisha of bringing the dead to live float around this film. This musical is taking place in Glendale, Hollywood Hills and Santa Clarita.
Important terms that are a vital part of this musical are constantly played on loop in red text in some of the videos. These are terms where the spirit of the deceased is being invoked and is present, some include Barham Boulevard, McBean Regional Transit Center, Hollywood Hills, Santa Clarita, Hollywood & Vine, Los Feliz , Glendale, Colorado Street , North Hollywood Station, Fernando Valley , Vermont Avenue,
Mortuary, Mortuary at Night, Ventura County , Alive in Mortuary, Santa Barbara, Forest Lawn Drive,
Alta Vista/Constellation and Los Angeles. The important buses that travel in these areas play a memorable , nostalgic and eerie role; 7 Six Flags Magic Mountain, 757 Santa Clarita, 222 Sun Valley/Hollywood/Cahuenga, 7 Santa Clarita and 222 Sunland. Omer Pasha plays the leading protagonist in this film throwing and swirling all the rituals of calling the dead in California. The constant dancing in the videos is the celebration when the dead communicate back and there is no distance felt between this world and the next, the burden of untimely deaths without saying goodbye is lifted but then it comes back again. The rituals include miracles performed by Jesus, Peter, Elisha and Elijah; Elijah and the son of Zarephath's widow, Elisha and the son of the great Shunammite woman, Jesus and the widow's son at Nain , Jesus and Lazarus and Peter raises Tabitha from the dead etc. The musical is inspired by the band New Order with their songs like Perfect Kiss, Temptation, True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle and Blue Monday. The musical rituals are also influenced by the music of Pretty in Pink- If You Leave, The Madden Brothers, and the Nick and Knight show at the House of Blues.
The entire Los Angeles and Santa Clarita swirls and is whipped by rituals. It is a celebration of how the nights in a cemetery , loneliness of the dead is calmed. “Shaydon” is the dead spirit that revolves around the entire musical that is invoked by Omer Pasha to visit the living world again. The blue light is the barrier between this world and the next through which Shaydon can communicate and the space white lights are the lights that come to take a person when he or she is dieing or transiting to the other world. By the end of this musical real rituals to call dead Shaydon are performed. They can be played to call the certain dead spirit of Shaydon. Those videos include heavy breathing, recitation of holy verses , images of Christ on graves and cemeteries that constantly call the dead spirit to the living world again.

Music: Omer Pasha Music
Director: Omer Pasha
Actor/Dancer: Omer Pasha
Editor: Omer Pasha
Producer: Omer Pasha

Made in Canada

All Rights Reserved
Barham Boulevard (Musical) Part 3 SYNPOSIS

Los Angeles is hustle bustling city, everyday people are busy in work and doing this and that. We all know it the city of actors and actresses where movies are made. It means no one has time for anything, everyone is probably looking for movie parts, auditioning and dancing and dining and that is how life goes there. Parties, premieres and all those clubs cackling away in downtown or in that city life but everybody, 98% of the people there are oblivious to the fact there is another life of some other kind of people in Los Angeles.

Barham Boulevard (Musical) Part 3
These two avenues or streets that go by the name of Barham Boulevard and Forest Lawn Drive are lonely and on the outskirts of main downtown areas and on the ‘outskirts’ of life. The area called Hollywood Hills. We are not going to discriminate the life of the dead. A place where the dead reside who are gone from this world. The God up there plays his moves like an unfair mafia leader. He chooses who will see faith and who will not. When the dead die they are forbidden earth and communication with living and vice versa. In the sense we are the living we will never have any proof that the dead are living and we cannot see that world.
But God is like a dangerous mafia leader. God is not so fair. He chooses and he makes his favorites   and the ones he hates. God has completely forbidden communication of the dead and the living. But God will make once in a blue moon, rare exceptions because ‘jus cause..’ either He is very merciful or just acting really dandy with me, shaking his neck and giving me a wink and saying look ‘at that’. Yes, showing and saying to me, ‘look at that that I killed how alive that person is’ and that poor person screaming his lungs out at me because I am the living and through me the deceased can have access back to this world.

Shaydon dies an untimely death somewhere in California.  The world witnesses his transition. Shaydon is thrown into the world where the dead reside. Omer Pasha plays Pasha himself. God makes Pasha an alone witness to Shaydon’s after death trauma. Shaydon is thrown into the dead world along with a dead friend. The screams of Shaydon are excruciatingly full throttle. Then he is alone with God. Just him and God and no one else. Then Shaydon runs like a mad man in the dead world to crowds of other dead people screaming and yelling ‘that he was a Hollywood actor he just died! Look what life did to him!.’ The other dead people gather but lissen to him vaguely as they are comfortably dead and used to the dead people around there. Shaydon screams at the top of his ‘ I couldn’t get out man the door got stuck.’  Whereas back on the world. The entire world is going in a frenzy of shock. The freshness of Shaydon’s death.
I, am myself, me, playing the role of Pasha. The intricate detail when I do the first calling of dead ritual here on the living world. I am asleep. Then I wake then Shaydon sees me for the first time. It the month of December. Shaydon does not know me and he has look of distaste on his face when he sees me for the first time.  Then it dawns on him this is not a dead person this is a living person from the world. Shaydon screams for his family pointing at me but the vision is closed.
The phenomena of more than 100 visitations begins in various forms. The blue light in the video is the barrier between this world and the world of dead through which Shaydon is allowed to visit only for seconds. It is a celebration. And now the visitations have become more. The prophets Christ, Peter, Elijah and Elisha comfortably have entered this tragedy with a smile and they are well aware of this situation.
First time Pasha goes to a place called ‘Hollywood Hills’ to meet Shaydon’. Shaydon resides on Forest Lawn Drive. Now to go there Pasha has no idea about Los Angeles. To go there Pasha has to take bus called the ‘222’ from Hollywood and Vine, which does not run that often, that bus goes to Barham Boulevard where Pasha has to get off and then take a turn on foot to Forest Lawn Drive.
In California there is a place called ‘McBean Regional Transit Center’ and from there Pasha takes a bus called ‘7 Six Flags Magic Mountain’ to do ritual. Pasha comes back to Glendale and sees Shaydon in a dream in the dead world, Shaydon screechingly crying high pitched non-stop like a kid that he cannot talk to his old friends on the living world.
In these more than 100 visitations there are various forms. An atheist will never believe you nor will a person who even believes in God will not believe you till you show them the physical proof of communication with the dead.  The best form was ‘flesh communication’. It is not a dream, not an hallucination, not a delusion, but if you go into slight sleep and when the dead are about to visit, your body is completely paralyzed   by the angels and the dead Shaydon appears next to you and can talk. Only for seconds. It’s the most terribly frightening experience ever. It is worth it for people who die and are parted without saying a proper goodbye.
A relationship of love and bonding has been established between me; Pasha and Shaydon. This is the deep love of spirits. I had no idea who Shaydon was when he was alive. Shaydon has a strange form of giving love, it is not of the flesh. It is emotional. Deeply emotional. Of my body all goes into paralysis, this barrier between this world and the next is broken and Shaydon afloats and either his spirit sits on my side and keeps his hands on my back with head down and I feel this tremendous weight and this love. Or either he comes tightly grabs me by the shoulder, glued to my body. All is done under strict supervision of God. It lasts for 10 to 25 seconds maximum. I always thank God when Shaydon leaves.  I deeply think to myself this is still wrong because this love Shaydon should be giving to his family and friends who mourn for him. But Shaydon knows he got stuck with me because I was those rare people whom God allowed to see the dead and Shaydon hopes I can do something. This love is deeply emotional between the spirits, me; Pasha and Shaydon. This is not a relationship love between a man and a woman. This is not a love between a man and man. This is the love of souls. The deep love in pain. Shaydon’s comes and hugs and cries ‘look man look , look how I died, look how I was taken away, my teenage child, my brother, my friends…’. Then God shuts the communication. Then there is just me alone left with this..It is also an extreme feel of love to the fact when Shaydon comes…he is dead and I am living. One day I will be him. I was that stranger he met after he was gone from the world.
The Prophets Jesus Christ, Peter, Elisha and Elijah are well aware of this situation. When two cars drive and part, the car with ‘God’s view’ , that car drove to Forest Lawn Drive. It did. My personal judgment is fair. It is fair if people will not believe you. But after Shaydon moved there. ‘A whole new saga’ did not begin, the greatest drama continued but the living people were no longer a witness but plunged in mourning to where did and why did Shaydon go? Now , the emotional torture of Shaydon’s heart and soul echoes in the eyes of God and the prophets. But wait, did you know, if we are the living crying everyday like made and crazy for Shaydon here and so is Shaydon..but did you know how with utter bewilderment, attention and in a haze the other dead people are watching the drama of Shaydon’s transition from this world. Did you know? No.. All the other dead people in the dead world , for now, have forgotten how they died and how they lost their loved ones, they are focusing on what has happened to Shaydon. It is a well discussed ‘hot-topic’, gossip and quiet the talk between a great deal of other dead people.

Music used in Barham Boulevard Musical
The music used in the entire saga musicals of “Barham Boulevard Musical” is originally produced by Omer Pasha as leading vocalist. The use of this music is accidental and is related to the calling of dead rituals. The music is taken from two musical films/feature music video compilations “Omer Pasha Trance Mixes (TV2 Edition)” and The Hidden Messages of World War 3” produced by Omer Pasha. There is already vocalization in the trance remixes. The lyrics are not meant for Shaydon in this entire musical but the music is. The music is meant for Shaydon because in real life events when this music was being produced alongside were the rituals of calling of the dead being carried out to call Shaydon. The communication occurred while this music was produced. Later, the memory remained in the trances mixes, of our introduction.  Lyrics like ‘I held you close to me in my arms’, ‘hi we never change numbers’, ‘the taste of your lips’, ‘demented love making with white flesh’ etc are not meant for Shaydon they are lyrics of original songs taken from a musical called “Blue Sapphire Jazz Nights” aswell produced by Omer Pasha in November 2013 and released in 2014. However some lyrics , unintentionally,  fit on Shaydon; ‘Calling you’ , ‘its like I have won’ , and ofcourse the eerie scream the eerie sound of torture and fainting, that is all for Shaydon and so is the all the ‘music.’  The relationship between Shaydon and Pasha is excruciatingly emotional on terms that communication between the dead and living is strictly forbidden by God. But there are those rare exceptions and the desperation of Shaydon , it is like that there this world and the next. Shaydon and Pasha can wave at each other from the dead world as Pasha being that random stranger to him, but from the living world, who can actually see Shaydon ‘waving’ at him from the dead world. The title song to that becomes ‘Steam House Trilogy’ and the version ‘Steam House (Barham Mix)’ and to fully dance to the celebration of this communication we will dance to Jesus Christ, Peter, Elijah and Elisha as how well acquainted they are to Shaydon’s drama and transition and ofcourse their help in the communication between Pasha and Shaydon.
1.       Steam House (Barham Mix)
2.       Blue Sapphire (Barham Mix)
3.       Loved (Barham Mix)
4.       You Are Blonde (Barham Mix)
5.       Midnight Prophecies (Barham Mix)
6.       Midnight Prophecies 2 (Barham Mix)
7.       Midnight Prophecies 3 (Barham Mix)
8.       Midnight Prophecies 4 (Barham Mix)
9.       Midnight in Forest Lawn (Barham Mix)

To fair out the theme of lyrics to the musical, a vocalization will be re-recorded on each track to fit on Shaydon.
Musical Influence in Barham Boulevard Musical.
1.       New Order-Perfect Kiss
2.       New Order-Temptation
3.       New Order-True Faith
4.       New Order-Bizarre Love Triangle
5.       New Order-Blue Monday
6.       Richard Marx- Angelia
7.       Bryan Adams- Cloud 9
8.       Pretty in Pink- If You Leave
9.       Hall & Oates – Maneater

To the voice of ‘Bernard Sumner’ we will give tribute to him in the whole world. New Order, a great band. The songs listed above were all played when taking breaks from the rituals of calling the dead being performed for Shaydon in California and Vancouver. Equally important song alongside the New Order songs is from Pretty in Pink; If You Leave, always played to failure, when Shaydon never showed up after a death ritual and but then comes later. Songs are not played in or during the rituals. Rituals are strictly religious.
The Madden Brothers are a strong influence on the city vibes and life of Los Angeles and the rest of California. They dominate California through their style and music. The presence of their music and music videos can be felt all over California.
This synopsis is complete and applies to all 3 parts of Barham Boulevard The Musical. The musical is merely a collection of music videos, all made and produced in Vancouver, BC , Canada by Omer Pasha. This musical “Barham Boulevard” is dedicated to the city and people of Los Angeles. It is dedicated to the birth of Los Angeles and till resurrection it will stay a dedication to the generations that have gone by since Los Angeles was born and dedicated to the generations to come, till the end of the time.

The End

To God:
“It doesn’t matter if there’s that song Bizarre Love Triangle or Blue Monday by New Order or my own songs Steam House Trilogy or Midnight Prophecies , there was no difference left between them, and You know why. I had a relationship with you. You have shown yourself physically to me, on several occasions and I am used to it.  I have loved you God, I love you and you know it. I know where I am going when I’m gone from this world. Everyday I love you , I had loved you. Shaydon dies one day. I am the least bothered that day. This world falls in a reeling frenzy of sorrow. Yes. I also became a part of the rest of the mourners.  Then in December it is morning and I am sleeping, this buzzing demonic thing comes and paralyses my body and is screaming in mechanical sounds and I quickly think it’s the devil and then I realize this thing is crying ‘all my bones were broken’ and is not going away even when I am reciting your verses. It aint going. Then I got up. Then it dawned upon me its Shaydon. But wait God, I need to confirm this.  Then I did my proper ritual of calling the dead. Then the blue light… I mean c’mon seriously im not even sleeping this is purely terrifying ya. More ritual. Cause God today I will treat you like an atheist treats your existence imma need full proof. So I do my thing my ritual then ya. Holy moly I see the blonde guy with the blue eyes this whole earth is crying like mad for. Oh mY God. Ya he sees me in bewilderment and with no interest. This is for seconds only. Then it dawns on him, wait, ya Im a total stranger to him but the one who gives him access back to this world………………and the rest is history…… this starts. Every week. So terribly horror and frightening. It is June. In the heat of June just my usual visitations with Shaydon like a habit. One afternoon just usual ritual Shaydon screams my name so hard, out loudly ‘OMER PASHA!!!’ then my head snaps completely, psycho I become and so I flew to Los Angeles  to Barham Boulevard…..I came back I came home I laid out my bed at night I had to get up and pee and I was about to till something put me down in the 3am 4am of the night. I was semi-awake but paralyzed. Something crawling on my back I thought it was a bug then it pierced more I thought it was someone’s nail then it pierced more. Then I was like no no.. then I saw shimmering white lights then pictures my head? In Shaydon’s grave that I took. Then the chants ‘God is Great’ began and then there he is Mr. Shaydon in front of my eyes. Yes this earth should know when I say ‘in front my eyes’ . An aperture opens to access the dead world. The atmospheric conditions are different. There is oxygen on here and there is no oxygen there in the dead world. This aperture is not supposed to open and when it opens the atmospheric conditions collide and then there was thrusting commotion like too many air pockets in an airplane flight because the aperture had opened between this world and the dead world and hey there is Shaydon there he is sitting in front of me, in his long blonde hair and blue eyes restored to youth and yes totally forbidden to talk , all he said was ‘stay’ and then the apertures closed. God u knew in my mind I question u like an atheist, is this really Shaydon? Is this a hallucination or imagination? And You then show me the lights flickering of the other world pure shimmering white like clusters of diamonds and I realize I am fully awake. The chants of ‘God is Great’ echo and echo. The aperture closes, Shaydon is gone . Ya. Then. Well God I am still talking to you as I write this. Then. The next. Its 7pm , u know God its like youre being careless playing games with me scaring the crap out of me and well I know I am constantly invoking it. Its 7pm to 8 pm fully dark. I have with guilt recited the verses of Jesus and Lazarus incident.. anyway.. I turn on my kitchen lights to take a nap. God I was not even sleeping. My body tightened I am all alone in my room its all dark. I am laying my body tightens I cannot turn my neck to the side I realized there is a dead body laying next to me. Its no hallucination . it became alive. It was Shaydon. He just put his arm around me and said ‘dude I don’t even know you’ in his American accent and then he left then came back and hugged me and left. Smiling.  Ya. Then I got up. I thought to myself this whole world is crying for this man and I am just some guy in a remote studio apartment and God is so merciful towards me that out of all these millions of people crying for this dead man, that dead man is coming and going in my apartment like some buddy of mine. And its no hallucination no imagination its him, its Shaydon. Im 30, I thought about you God. Forget Shaydon. Put him aside. I thought about you God, right there and then I loved you, I went reeling for you God, you are the love of my life, only you, and You alone, and I have loved you God and I will never stop loving you I can’t but I loved you and I love you God for being so merciful towards me, and I will love you. And I will love you more and I will love you God and I’ll never stop loving you I will love you in my death and resurrection I will love you I will be a sinner or not a sinner but I will love you, I went crazy for you totally crazy in love with you God. Forever You and me, forever and forever in eternity . Sure Shaydon will be around there but there will be You and me and You are the love of my life, my soul , my existence , my eternity. I love you.”

Omer Pasha

 Barham Boulevard Musical is non-fiction produced in Canada.

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